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Living the Dream

with Anne Sirois


Next session: April 10th, 2023

$29 More Info

Get a bird’s eye view and a worm’s eye view of your career, business, relationships, philanthropy, finances, self- care, etc. to experience more joy, less stress, in this packed, highly interactive guided journaling course.

Please have a journal and pen.  This is a one night class.

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Walking Group – Indoor

with GNG Adult Education

$10 More Info

Banish boredom and boost motivation. Because walking is possible for most people and doesn’t require special skills or equipment, it has become the most popular form of activity in the US. Walking with others is a great way to socialize and get healthier, but also hold you accountable, is safer and motivating.

Join us for an orientation night on Wednesday, January 25th at 6:00pm in the GNG Adult Education office at GNG High School.

We will show you the route, you’ll be set free to walk at your pace. We highly recommend you bring a buddy to keep you motivated to continue!

Mondays & Wednesdays, 1/25 - 4/12 (no class 2/20 & 2/22)

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Relaxation and Stress Reduction with Hatha Yoga

with Michelle Spencer


Next session: April 25th to May 30th, 2023

$59 More Info

This 60-minute Yoga class will provide sequences that calms the nervous system along with stretching/warming the muscles and preparing the mind to rest. Breathing techniques, short meditation and positive affirmations will end the practice.

** No class 2/21 **

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Breath-Taking at Night

with Carole Freeman

$37 More Info

Welcome to Breath-Taking at Night

You’d be shocked at how many health disorders are related to, if not caused by, faulty breathing during sleep. While many people feel there’s nothing they can do about snoring or waking frequently at night, they’d be just a surprised to know there’s more you can do about it than you think.

What I'm asking you to do today, is to at least consider the possibility that a poor nights' sleep may be a significant aggravating factor, that could lead to, significant disruption in one's mental health and certain physical health conditions. You and I know that you can’t possibly have your highest brain power, do your best performance and function at your highest level when you are chronically fatigued and drained from lack of deep restful sleep.

Take the Quiz below to see if you may have a Sleep/Breathing Dysfunction:

______Do you have trouble falling asleep, or have trouble getting back to sleep once you wake up in the middle of the night

______Have you been diagnosed with Obstructive Sleep Apnea

______Do you drink alcohol at night before bed

______Do you have to get up multiple times a night to urinate

______Do you have a dry mouth in the morning

______Do you sleep with your mouth open

______Are you fatigued in the morning

______Do you rarely feel truly well rested

______Do you wake up frequently in the middle of the night

______Do you consider yourself a ‘light sleeper’

______Do you snore

______Do you have a stuffy nose

______Do you eat within 2 hours of going to bed

______Do you wake up sweaty or have hot flashes

If you answered YES to Any of the above symptoms, you likely have a Breathing Dysfunction at Night.


It is not manditory, by highy recommended that you complete The Breath-Taking Basic couse prior to attending this course, as it covers the basic information you are expected to be familiar with.

** After payment for this class is received, you will be provided a link, access code and instructions the next business day **

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A fun and inexpensive activity for your family! Families will play games and sports while getting valuable exercise. Activities include kickball, parachute, floor hockey, four square, dodgeball, capture the flag and more. Kindergarten through adults - parents and kids play together.

FMI contact Dana Welch at dwelch@sad15.org

Pay $50 for 6 weeks.  That is a $10 discount versus paying weekly.  Please pay with cash or checks made out to GNG Adult Education.

Class has begun
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Barre Bootcamp

with Jenna Chase


Next session: April 11th to May 16th, 2023

$39 More Info

Barre Bootcamp is a low impact workout that will produce a big burn! Barre combines elements of strength training, Pilates/Yoga and dance. Small movements and many reps will help sculpt and tone muscles you didn’t even know you had!

This class is offered virtually through Zoom.  

Equipment that will be used include: a chair or countertop or something to hold onto, light handweights, versa loop, gliding disks for hardwood floors (or use socks or face cloth) for carpet floors (or use paper plate), bender ball (or equivalent).